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Energy you can rely on / Improving through innovation

Improving through innovation

The best way we can provide value to our customers is by identifying ways to be better. Always. The use of new tools, techniques and technology helps us balance reliability and affordability as we deliver energy to Albertans across the province. Here are just a few of the ways we’re doing it.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

You probably know it as a drone, but the UAV is the latest tool we’re using to inspect our transmission lines. Compared to using helicopters for these inspections, the UAV is smaller and faster, allowing us to monitor more of our assets more frequently and at a lower cost. The result? We can identify potential maintenance needs earlier, helping to minimize outages and improve reliability for our customers.

Danford arm

This robotic arm can accomplish amazing things. Mounted on a crane, the Danford Arm allows us to maintain proper clearances and move wires safely while we work on energized transmission lines. That means increased efficiency for us and fewer outages for you.

Mobile substations

Our mobile substations help us keep the lights on when we’re working hard to complete substation work, like in an emergency when energy needs to be restored quickly but we need more time to repair the existing substation equipment. They let us do the work we need to do, while our customers continue to have the energy they need.


AltaLink was the first company to use Greenjacket™, a unique cover installed at nearly 100 of our substations, to reduce wildlife interactions with electrical equipment. Since we started using Greenjacket™ we’ve seen a 95 per cent reduction in the number of animal-related outages on our system, helping us to keep the lights on and protect wildlife at the same time.