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Energy for a green future / Enabling renewables

Enabling renewables

AltaLink understands Alberta’s electricity sector. It’s all we do. So we know that reliable, affordable and environmentally sustainable electricity for Alberta’s businesses and families depends on a diversified portfolio of resources that includes renewables, cogeneration and other gas-fired generation.

As our province makes the transition to more renewable sources of energy, AltaLink’s transmission grid is critical in maintaining reliable service and affordable prices, while enabling the many green energy opportunities Alberta has to offer.

In the past several years, AltaLink has invested into Alberta’s transmission grid, responding to Alberta’s rapid growth in demand and providing essential capacity to enable our province to move to a renewable energy future.

With the energization of both the South Foothills Transmission Project and the Foothills Area Transmission Development in 2015, we have completed much-needed links to reinforce our transmission system. The grid in southern Alberta now has more than 4,000 megawatts (MW) of capacity available. With about 1,600 MW of generation currently connected, new wind generation can be added to the grid without new transmission lines.

AltaLink’s Western Alberta Transmission Line, also completed in 2015, is a highly efficient line that connects the Edmonton and Calgary areas. Not only does the improved efficiency of the line reduce wasted energy, it also improves the reliability and efficiency of Alberta’s electric grid by adding 1,000 MW of capacity. This can be increased to 4,000 MW in the future without the need to build more towers and impact more land.

With an owner like Berkshire Hathaway Energy, we are part of a network that has extensive experience in supporting jurisdictions as they shift their energy mix from high greenhouse gas emitting fuels to renewable sources, without customers bearing large cost increases.

Combining our owner’s expertise with our deep understanding of Alberta’s electricity sector, we are confident we can help lead Alberta successfully to a renewable energy future.